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Fat Loss Surgery

Liposuction Procedure – Worth It?

Did that surgery do anything? Doesnt she have to get a tummy tuck etc?????? Its gonna be all skin hanging.

You are right. However this patient preferred this procedure instead of a tummy tuck. Actually we have many patients who would go for a liposuction since it’s much less invasive than a tummy tuck. And even though she did have an access of skin after the procedure, she was very thrilled with the results, since overall she became so much thinner. Check out her testimonial after the procedure – this is where she is standing in her clothes

she still big an got big rolls on her body she needed to get a tummy tuck he should have told her the truth

is the patient awake ??? I was under the assumption they would knock you out for it.

They infuse lidocaine and epinephrine into the area to numb it and control bleeding/inflammatory response. Most people feel almost no pain. If you are being put to sleep for lipo only you may have a doc that’s not confident or may have a racket going with his fav anesthesiologist. If you are going to have a tummy tuck or something else they will put you out.

Yes, there are some people who have naturally fat bodies. No matter how much exercise they do, they just cant get the shape they want and look lean. They have a layer of fat they cant get rid of – and in some people its more pronounced than in others. That having been said, it is evident to anyone that this woman has not seen the inside of a gym in her entire life. She has layer upon layer of flab and cellulite. She needs to have some discipline in her eating and exercise habits.

It it really possible to make liposuction on people that are so fat? I thought this surgery is only for people wanting to loose some fat.

1. no compromise the patient life, for one infection. need sterile operating room. 2. the BMI is important first. 3. submission to exercises. 4. evaluate the weight loss. diet, metabolism, electrolytes, sugar, hypertension. 5. if the performance is good. evaluate tummy tuck and liposuction, fat transfer to your buttocks and shape your body. 6. support and monitoring with the psychologist and nutritionist,good fitness instructor. 7.control your eating habits with controls with your medical doctor.