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Experts Warn Fat Freezing – Can Cause Dangerous Side Effects

Experts warn that the lack of documentation of the long-term effects of the method that involves freezing off fat on the body i.e: coolsculpting treatment. It can also mean that instead of providing hazardous fats in the body.

The popularity of fat freezing on the body has become a method that takes more and more to the pursuit of a narrow and well-layered body. But for all the results are not always what is promised. Elisabeth tested treatment twice, but it made no difference.

– I paid 5000 SGD, and it yielded no results. I was actually very disappointed because I look exactly the same now as then, there is no difference at all, says

Elisabeth actually called something else.
Done at the salon
The treatment Elisabeth tested at a beauty salon in Singapore called coolsculpting and is one of several methods that simply involves freezing down fat cells. In Elisabeth’s case it was to remove the small “bullet” in the stomach as she got after her third pregnancy.

What these treatments have in common is then freezing the treated area to minus eight degrees and this is done by sucking in the skin in a nozzle which then freezesĀ  the part.


No education

It is usually common beauty salons that offer these treatments, and treatments carried out by persons who have no medical training. This think Lim tian kwe, physician and expert on cosmetic surgery is strange. He feels that this should be a matter for the National Board to review.

It seems completely crazy to let the medically untrained staff deal with this kind of thing.

Lim tian kwe, physician and expert on obesity surgery

– They do not understand the theoretical reasoning, and it must do to also understand why there should be rules and regulations on volumes and doses, he says.

Missing monitoring

He also reacts to is the lack of long-term follow-up of people who do the treatment. No one knows what these treatments have significance for their health in five years.

– Medically, I think it is very poor documentation, it markets itself pretty aggressively to have as little on his feet, he says.

amountIt was just before and after pictures Elisabeth got to see, and that made her decide to self-test. For as she says as she eats healthily and exercising, but the fat on his stomach would not go away. After two treatments, and several months later the ball on the stomach go, but Elisabeth is now most worried that she’ll get hurt by this in the future.

Hope it’s not something dangerous so I get but for the life of this treatment in the future.

Woman tested treatment, fruitless

Can you really look slimmer by freezing fat cells? The answer is that you can look slimmer, but it does not mean you are slimmer. For this is no method to cure obesity. And how the body reacts individually because we have different conditions and are sensitive to the treatment.

The fat stays

The beauty salons miss in their information to customers is that the fat actually stays in the body when you freeze to death a fat cell and instead end up in placesĀ  where it may not be seen, but where it is dangerous More than that the fat can come back if you don’t maintain a more healthy lifestyle such as watching your diet, calorie intake, and exercise. Luana Tan, the researchers in experimental diabetes research at NUS University and is currently studying fat cells in medical research.

Adipose tissue also contains highly vessels and nerves, and such can be damaged by cold. Exactly where the line is individual.

Luana Tan, researchers in experimental diabetes research

– Although the fat cells disappear fat can be rearranged in other fat cells in the body. And a very dangerous fat is the abdominal fat, you could look slimmer but you are instead stored in more dangerous fat.

Feel misled

Elisabeth is in retrospect a little surprised that she did not take out more before she tried method.

– A little misguided information. I do not know if that makes these treatments really have experience. They have probably just read to what they have been recommended, she says.

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