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Freezing fat cells: Coolsculpting claims to remove fat without surgery

Hundreds of thousands of people undergo liposuction each year, but this relatively new treatment claims to slim you down half an inch after an hour of treatment. Vinita Nair reports on how effectively this procedure works.

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16 opinions on “Freezing fat cells: Coolsculpting claims to remove fat without surgery

  1. If you want to shed fat, you should google Fat Blast Furnace. They can guide you and help you get the body you deserve.

  2. Cool sculpting is fine if you are healthy enough but a good deal of cold around your organs can lead to shock which of course they did not mention.

  3. "6 to 12 weeks to see results; Patient has to maintain healthy diet and exercise." What a waste of money. Your getting the results from the diet and exercise not this freeze crap.

  4. This was the most intense procedure I've ever had. mine was very painful and now I'm at a week of recovering and this is the worst pain. unless they did it wrong. I do not recommend this procedure without some typed of anesthesia

  5. Lmao, what's the fucking point if you keep eating the same shit you ate before. Work out and eat less, numbskulls. It's not rocket science.

  6. Wir verfügen in der Schlosspraxis Brühl auch seit einiger Zeit über die Coolsculpting-Technologie der Firma Zeltiq und sind von den Ergebnissen sehr angetan. Für kleinere Fettpölsterchen ist diese Behandlung ideal.

  7. cold bath will do! just dip yourself in 15°C of water for 15min, make sure to set an alarm clock, to prevent yourself from sleeping and dying of hypothermia. induced hypothermia will help you burn more fat if you know how it works

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