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Liposonix: non-surgical alternative to liposuction

When exercise and dieting is just not enough, it is quite common at some point, to just give up. Often times this leads to a digression in the work ethic, diet, quality, mood, outlook on life, and as we do not seem to lose those last 5 or 10 pounds in our problem areas. In the past decade there have been some very interesting breakthrough in cosmetic medical technology. Breaking glands that made thousands of very happy. Namely left them struggling with movable middle part skin, muffin top, baby weight, as well as those with the dreaded love handles that do not seem to get rid of them, despite endless gym visits and strict diet.

Before the early 2000s, when we wanted to take the next step in weight loss, it involved meeting with a plastic surgeon or doctor who performed the liposuction. What this meant for those trying to lose the last vanity weight was to go under the knife. Literally, for those who want to sharpen, meant to surgically cut open while fatty deposits can be sucked out but sterile technique. But patients are under anesthesia, and can not feel a thing, when they awake, they can feel good and generally regret having procedure due to the pain and discomfort that follows.

With such a huge demand for non-surgical weight reduction options, a solution was required to develop and it was. Liposonix developed and earned an FDA approval in 2011. This non-surgical fat reduction systems perform in a way that provides weight loss by emulsifying or melting fat cells within any given treatment.

Overview of how it works:
Adopt the HIFU focused ultrasound wave technology with focused treatment, apply subcutaneous 1.3 cm deep position, disrupting the thermal cells of subcutaneous fat tissue, permanently destroy subcutaneous fat with heat, immediately reduce the amount of fat, stimulate contraction and the synthesis of collagen, quickly fill in the gap to reduce the fat and makes the skin soft, moist and firm.


Other benefits:
Permanently destroy fat and reduce the amount of Adipocytes using high energy focused ultrasound wave (HIFU).

Smart systems
Ensure 1.3 cm of fat under the skin with smart scanning system, without any harm to the epidermis;

Non-invasive and safe
Generating heat to reduce fat without surgery, so it is very safe. There are many good liposonix before and after pictures that we have from previous patients who are amazed and satisfied at the result they were getting.

Significant effect without new outbreak
Permanently destroy fat and directly reduce fat without new outbreak.

Increased firmness and elasticity of your skin
While resolution of fat, stimulate the synthesis of collagen, and fill in the gap of subcutaneous fat, which makes the skin smooth and elastic after use.

Unlike liposuction, the technology of Liposonix working to sculpt the body by getting rid of fat cells by targeting the ultrasound waves on difficult areas. The creator of the technology say these ultrasound waves destroy fat cells without harming above the skin or internal organs. As fat cells in contact with ultrasound, the cells begin the melt which are then metabolized. This Liposonix non surgical fat removal system is designed to provide effective weight loss that can not be achieved through regular diet and exercise and does not require anesthesia or surgery. Liposonix has been approved by the FDA, it has limits and requires the right patient. One of the most common scenarios in which women seek this treatment for the postpartum period. Mom would prefer to return to their previous sizes but often times can not achieve this alone.

While most mothers return to work after 3 months of maternity leave, with Liposonix performed, too soon after pregnancy be harmful. Thus, speaking with a cosmetic specialist and / or family doctor is best. 1 to 3 months after birth, women’s bodies tend to lose weight faster than compared to a year or so down the line. Due to the natural bod up-tick in metabolism is impaired have recently given birth and then undergo Liposonix that weight loss may prove to be too fast and the areas of treatment, probably stomach and waist, is still very sensitive.

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