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Liposuction, Post Op Day 1

Hey guys, I am back home now. The surgery went well. Now I am just sore and recovering! Thanks so much for watching. I had 6 liters of fat removed. Lipo of my complete legs and my arms.
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Surgery was done by Dr. Roberto Manzano
The Cosmetic Surgery Center
Guadalajara Mexico

Welcome to my channel:) I am a busy mom to 4 kids ranging from 20 – 3! Becca, Carter, Londyn and Rocco..aka Benji!I am also an expat from Canada living in Mexico! I love makeup, home decor and all the exciting journeys living in Mexico brings us! Please subscribe and join the fun!

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5 opinions on “Liposuction, Post Op Day 1

  1. I am considering lipo arms, legs and calfs. Because of the recovery I am thinking do one area at a time once or twice a year. Getting breasts augmented this year but wanted to begin lipo next year. I am bottom heavy myself and love my curves but want to take in a few areas that don't work with my curvy look.

  2. I'm glad you are feeling better but you must have lymphatic messages with lipo to drain look up Bella _barbies on IG that's where most of the surgery community is on IG and her e book gives lots of good info you may need. Ask on there who does these massages in your neck of the woods. It's a must for any kind of lipo. Let me know how it goes. ?

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