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CoolSculpting Fat Loss Procedure / Posts

VASER Lipo Aftercare & Recovery

Aftercare offered by Dr Dennis Wolf – – after a VASER Lipo procedure is excellent. To learn more about this procedure and its fantastic body reshaping results, call 0800 170 1790 to book a consult.

New You Lipo i-Lipo Fat Reduction Fat Loss Body Contouring No Surgery

At New You Lipo, we specialize in LipoLaser body toning and fat reduction treatment to help maximize an individual’s weight loss needs. i-Lipo body contouring is a very successful treatment solution to jump-start or finish the different types of individual weight loss programs.

i-Lipo Body Contouring is a revolutionary new solution for fat reduction and body sculpting! i-Lipo body contouring allows individuals to target stubborn fat areas without surgery, pain, and recovery time. Depending on the individual, the results can be instant!

i-Lipor body sculpting treatment is designed to reduce body fat and perform body contouring without pain, needles, and down time. It is a non-invasive approach to inch and fat loss that helps reduce the appearance of unwanted cellulite and targets stubborn fat areas such as, love handles, upper arms, abdomen, buttock, chin, saddlebags, and thighs. There is no surgery involved and it is completely safe and pain-free. For more information and to find a treatment center, visit

Liposuction Recovery Time

A commonly asked question is the Recovery Time of a Liposuction Surgery. With his specifically planned techniques and procedures, Dr. David Amron minimizes the recovery time to getting the best results. In 3 weeks, swelling and bruising comes to a minimum. in 3 months about 80% of the recovery process is done. Due to the nature of the human body, it may take up to 6-12 months to fully recover from liposuction. However, as the recovery process occurs the results naturally become better as the skin tightens from the liposuction surgery. Visit our website at to get proper care and assistance from the expert liposuction surgeon Dr. Amron.

To contact us for more information, please call 424.394.1610. Be sure to follow us on social media and view

CoolSculpting My Double Chin: Amazing It Worked!

Hi everyone!! Just an update for the follow-up video!! I received a 2 more treatments since I posted this video, the results take between 4-8 weeks to fully show. We waited through summer to see how it looked – and we decided to go ahead with one more. We just did a big treatment on October 27th – so it will be a few weeks and we will do the follow-up. Thank you so so so much for your patience! It’s always important to wait 4-8 weeks to see how your face settles into the treatment, before going ahead with more.. Delta Laser has been so meticulous to check up with me every 4 weeks to see how my face looks, then we consult together and see if we need more and so forth. You can REALLY see the difference after my October 27th treatment – wow!! Patience is key with this procedure – I know it can be frustrating, but it’s so worth it and no surgery required

i wonder if this works for loose skin on the neck or just fatty pockets.
A combination of coolsculpting with venus legacy thereafter, will really help tighten/tone the skin 🙂 <3 I've actually been thinking about doing this! it looks very cool and effective :) It's been life changing even after one session <3 I forgot to contour the other day lol (that's never happened) 😉 I am really up for cool-sculpting for my cheek fat reduction. Will this work for cheek fats and also gynecomastia ? Hello!! 🙂 That's an excellent question! I believe coolsculpting, Kybella or Venus Legacy works for shaping the face ~ Great video! Thank you for walking us through the procedure. I'm hoping this works on mature skin. Although I've been very lucky and had good skin, I'm now in my early 60's and have gained weight. So ... the chin and jowl area is really bothering me a lot! Even though I get a shocked look when I tell people my age, I know how old I am and it's only going to get worse from here. The cost seems very affordable compared to plastic surgery and I really don't want to go under the knife. Thanks again for this video! Awww so glad it was helpful for you Elizabeth! With the loose skin, apparently Venus Legacy is really good for tightning it up. The place I went to does a combo sometimes of coolsculpting to zap the fat, then venus legacy to tighten the skin after 🙂 I hope everything works really well for you!

I HAD MY FAT FROZEN OFF! | Coolsculpting


So basically after the procedure you still have your fat but after time goes by the fat starts to go away?

Yeah! The procedure freezes the cells, which kills them, then after 2-3 weeks your body basically starts to digest them. I definitely recommend looking in to it! I looked up a lot of reviews and facts about it before going in. Coolsculpting had a very high rating like 98% success rate or something like that.

Sounds better than Aqualipo. I’m considering using an at-home fat freezing method; freeze belt you wrap around midsection; more affordable, with slower but same results.

how many sessions must you do and how much does it cost?

How many treatments did you get?

No its because some areas are stubborn areas. Some ppl lose their butt or hips when they exercise and don’t lose their stomach fat…unfortunately I’m one of the ppl cursed with this

I have been trying for 11 years to be rid of my stomach fat, having gone from a UK size 22-24 down to a size 4, then to a comfortable size 8-10, I’ve worked out, done core exercises, and eat a very healthy balancd diet. yet I cannot be rid of my belly. I’ve just booked in for laser liposuction, which is an affordable non invasive option for me, and I’m really excited about it. I was gonna save for a combined abdominoplasty and breast augmentation (yah, flat chested with a belly. Now THAT sucks.) But have since found natural methods that will help me without hacking my body apart. I just gotta be patient with the process. ☺

How to Heal After Liposuction Surgery and Plastic Surgery Naturally with These 5 Tips

How to Recover Quickly After Liposuction Surgery, Breast Reduction or Breast Augmentation Surgery and any Plastic Surgery Procedure.

As a Naturopathic Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, my focus is to help enhance and speed up my client’s healing process.

Daily I work with clients who come to me looking to reduce the swelling and bruising from the surgery. I work with both mena nd women of all ages in my local area and have clients who fly in for my work. I also work with professional athletes and Hollywood celebrities.

Some of the top recommendations to speed healing is:
1- Ginger Tea (2-3 cups a day)
2 – Arnica cream (topical application constant)
3- Bromelain – 2-3x doses each day
4. Dry Skin Brushing 1-2x daily

I’ve created a 38 Page – Surgery Recovery Guide that is an 18 week healing program a pre & post surgery comprehensive plan….this might be something you find helpful!
Link for more info:
On the Healthy Being by Melissa channel I focus on natural health and wellness oriented educational videos that help my viewers and subscribers achieve their most optimal health. I bring my Naturopathic training to each video focusing on addressing the root cause of various illnesses and diseases.

If you’re feeling frustrated with your current health situation or seeking ways to look and feel better than you do now… I hope you will subscribe and my Healthy Being community!



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Freezing fat cells: Coolsculpting claims to remove fat without surgery

Hundreds of thousands of people undergo liposuction each year, but this relatively new treatment claims to slim you down half an inch after an hour of treatment. Vinita Nair reports on how effectively this procedure works.

Lipo-Ease lose inches without surgery 1-800-B-YOUTHFUL

Lipo-Ease is a comfortable, relaxing, non-surgical solution for fat and cellulite reduction, skin tightening and face/body contouring. We are the ONLY facility in Michigan to have this incredible treatment. See results after one treatment, incredible results after a series of treatments. Lipo-Ease, easy lipo, non-surgical liposuction, fat reduction, weight loss, skin tone, skin tighten, body contouring, eye circles, stretch marks. For expertise in plastic surgery, CoZmedic Surgery Associates 1-800-B-YOUTHFUL is the cosmetic practice to see in (Troy, Detroit) Michigan and Florida. CoZmedic Surgery Associates has had the opportunity to provide help to thousands of clients. All of our surgical procedures are performed by experienced cosmetic/plastic surgeons and assisted by highly qualified medical staff and technicians. Why Not Beyouthful! CoZmedic Surgery Associates has had the opportunity to provide help to thousands of clients.

Liposuction, Post Op Day 1

Hey guys, I am back home now. The surgery went well. Now I am just sore and recovering! Thanks so much for watching. I had 6 liters of fat removed. Lipo of my complete legs and my arms.
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Surgery was done by Dr. Roberto Manzano
The Cosmetic Surgery Center
Guadalajara Mexico

Welcome to my channel:) I am a busy mom to 4 kids ranging from 20 – 3! Becca, Carter, Londyn and Rocco..aka Benji!I am also an expat from Canada living in Mexico! I love makeup, home decor and all the exciting journeys living in Mexico brings us! Please subscribe and join the fun!

Liposuction Recovery

Once your procedure is completed, a compression garment or elastic bandages may cover treatment areas. These help to control swelling after liposuction and compress the skin to your new body contours.

You will be given specific instructions that may include: How to care for the surgical site(s), medications to apply or take orally to aid healing and reduce the potential for infection, specific concerns to look for at the surgical site or in your general health, and when to follow up with your plastic surgeon.

The key to rapid recovery from liposuction is utilizing a technique that gives us a high level of control while causing minimal tissue trauma. Our refined techniques allow a high level of precision, minimal impact on nearby tissues, and less bruising. This means faster recovery for our patients.

Additional steps we take to ensure rapid recovery include:

– Strategic operative planning, with careful consideration given to achieving the best possible result with minimal recovery time
– Gentle, efficient and precise techniques that minimize bruising and swelling
– Compression garments that help skin and underlying tissues re-adhere